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  1. Spa robe and slippers
    Massage Therapy
    No longer a service for just relaxation or a luxury, massage therapy can be a key component to your health and wellness plan. Massage therapy is being used by many, such as athletes, as a preventative treatment and recovery after performance. Benefits of massage include: *Improves circulation *Relieves tension and stress *Lowers blood pressure and heart rate *Strengthens immune system *Improves range of motion and flexibility *Encourages muscle relaxation
  2. Bath salts and soap
    These are therapies or techniques that involve touching the body, (excluding massage). Different treatments / techniques help the body in different ways including: *Moisturizing the skin *Increase circulation *Relaxation *Pain relief *Removal of toxins from the body *Helps improve metabolism *Exfoliation of skin *Increasing energy *Boosts immune and digestive systems
  3. Natural ingredients
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Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
ArōmaTouch Technique
DōTERRA Essential Oils
Therapeutic Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Scent-sational Hands
Helios Self-Tanning Towel
Products, Helios Self-Tanning Towel
Prenatal Massage
Couples Massage
Scent-sational Feet
Focus Massage
Chair Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Body Wraps

*At Sugar N Spice, we do not treat or diagnose for any specific medical disorder.  Our therapies are not intended to replace the advice of your medical practitioner. If you have a medical condition and are unsure whether massage therapy would be appropriate for you, discuss your concerns with your health care provider. Inform all of your health care providers about any complementary and alternative practices you use, such as massage therapy. Provide them a with a full picture of what you do to manage your health and this will ensure coordinated and safe care for you and your providers.
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